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Many years ago, the mythical Bearded Blue Monkey came swinging through the digital jungle in search of organic grooming supplies, modern apparel, and other various tools and accessories for the modern man…for he wanted to be modern and well-groomed himself.

Shop after shop left him feeling defeated; no one single place sold everything that he needed. If their products were good, their prices were too high. If their prices were low, then their products were made with low-quality materials that simply weren’t up to the Bearded Blue Monkey’s standards.

The digital jungle was a large and expansive place, so why was it so hard to find a single shop that sold everything he needed?

It was in that moment he realized he could open up his own shop! And he could fill it with all the superior products he loved, each made organically and in sustainable ways. He would create a place in the digital jungle for the modern man that would elevate style and foster envy in other men. But what would set him apart from everyone else?

It would be his selection of handcrafted bags and accessories.

It would be the relentless customer service aimed at making sure every modern man was groomed for success at reasonable, affordable prices.

It would also be the fact that the Bearded Blue Monkey cared deeply, creating a customer service team that was second to none in the industry.

What you see here are the fruits of his labor, having cultivated several collections of high-quality products for the modern, rugged man looking to make his personal outer style match his inner persona. Whether as gifts to friends and coworkers or bought for yourself, the Bearded Blue Monkey’s collection of affordable products is unmatched by anyone else in the digital jungle.